Paul for Pete, a reading in two acts

First, the book.

Now available . . .  Paul for Pete, a reading in two acts.  (Part One: Walk Hence With Hope;   Part Two: In Your and Mine Discharge)

When I set out to commit to paper my experiences as a novice political campaign volunteer, several friends (but one in particular: John Tufts, guilty as charged) told me I had a book on my hands. Thirteen months later, Paul for Pete: Politics. Theatre. Life. One Man’s Adventures (or, How I Became a Septuagenarian Fanboy), now in its 4th print run, emerged.

Next, several enthusiastic readers told me, “You know, Paul, you’ve got a one person show in here.”

My blood ran cold. I haven’t acted since the early ‘80s when I hung up my dog dish following a reprise of “Suppertime” (Snoopy’s signature song/11 o’clock number in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown), which I took out of storage to honor my friend, David Dotson – Linus in our college production, and one of the first people I knew personally to succumb to HIV/AIDS – for the first-ever Daedalus Project Benefit at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

But it was Pandemic Time, so I thought, “Why not?” and began to whittle the book down to a digestible two-acts-with-intermission format. Next, I started sharing it with unsuspecting friends who came by the house.

Two years and many revisions later, the solo adaptation is ready for prime time. A preview performance at the Oregon Cabaret Theatre in Ashland yielded positive, helpful response. Among comments were:



“What a journey you’re sharing with us. We were rapt from start to finish. Bravo!”

“Thank you for your beautiful work!”

“So much admiration!”

“Just silly enough.”


Most encouraging of all: “We should get involved. We can get involved.” Job done.

Here are some video clips, courtesy of actor-videographer Christopher Gerson, who flew from New York to videotape. Portable set design: R. Eric Stone. Lights: Oregon Cabaret Theatre. Stage Management: Kimberley Jean Barry. Production Management: Amanda Johnson. Costumes: Coventry Place Closet. Direction: Andrew Carlson. Support team: Tyler Edmondson, Katherine Griffin, Kama Fletcher, Janet Rowe, Tim and Gale Buchanan, Scott Rowe, Amelia Hogan.

Other stalwart supporters: Matt Tibbs; Jim Poulos; Jim Edmondson.

Interested? Just contact me c/o I’m available and happy to share Paul for Pete: A Reading in Two Acts with organizations, groups, schools. It’s an ideal fundraiser. More than that, it’s a clarion call to service at a time of acute need.